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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  September 21, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning, everyone. you're taking a live look at the washington monument and you can see the fog just kind of enveloping the very tip there. keep that in mind as you head out for your commute.
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i'm sarah simmons. let's check in with tucker with the weather. >> we'll have a lot of clouds around this afternoon and an increasing possibility we'll get some showers in the forecast. yesterday, the rain arrived in the morning hours. i think today the showers will get in here during the course of the afternoon. there is a live look at the hd radar. you can see we're fairly quiet across the mid-atlantic. temperature right now at reagan national, 65 degrees. huge with a up with the fog developing. 93%. winds are out of the north and east at three. more of the same, cloudy skies, showers developing during the course of the afternoon. high temperatures, one of these days we'll get back into the mid-70s. we think today will be the day. if you like this weather or if you are a duck, you'll love the
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five-day forecast. i'll have it for you. >> thank you. derek leon davis is the winner of yesterday's special democratic primary in prince george's county. he is vying to fill the seat left vacant by leslie johnson. davis took 55% of the vote beating 13 other democrats. he will face republican dave gardner in the special general election october 18th. two of the three prince george's countiy officers charged with the beating of a university of maryland student have been indicted. john mckept awas beaten following the basketball team's big win over duke in march of 2010. one of the students that flooded the streets shot this video. police first said mcquebec aand the other students struck the officers and injured their horses. d.c. police have ruled the death of a man dressed in drag a homicide. the victim was found dead just
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a block and a half from his home. the 35-year-old aerospace engineer had been out with some friends. his partner believed that he was trying to move his car closer to his home when he was taxed. a man is set to be executed in georgia. troy davis was denied clemency and it appears his fourth execution date for four years will go forward. we have a report. >> reporter: the board has considered the totality of the information presented in this case and thoroughly deliberated on it, after which the decision was to deny clemency. >> reporter: 42-year-old troy davis is set to die buy lethal injection at 7:00 p.m. in jackson, georgia. he was convicted of the 1999 of police officer mark mcfail. davis' case gained national attention after seven witnesses
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who helped convict him backed off their testimony or recanted. >> we've established sub standial doubt in this case and given the level of doubt that exists in this case, we believe appropriate. >> reporter: mcfail's family says after more than two decades, justice will be served. >> not just my father was taken but the future we would have had was taken from us. >> he was found guilty and we need to go ahead and execute and be done. >> reporter: many around the world have spoken out in favor of a davis pardon including former president jimmy carter and pope benedict xvi. according to amnesty international, nearly one million people signed a petition seeking clemency. >> with cannot believe that the board of pardons and parole is allowing a person to go to his death despite the fact that serious doubts about his guilt remain unresolved. >> reporter: lawyers for the condemned georgia inmate say
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they've asked state officials to allow him to take a polygraph test before his scheduled execution. "the washington caps opened the pre-season in baltimore. the near sellout crowd didn't have much to cheer about though. the caps lost to the national predators 2-0. we still have plenty ahead. fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. it is 4:30 on this wednesday. we are halfway through the workweek, everyone. another foggy look outside this morning somewhere over d.c. that is about what you can tell from here. let's check in now with tucker barnes. i'm sarah simmons. fog going to be an issue today. you saw a little bit over the washington monument but man, i really couldn't even tell what we were looking at there in that picture. >> the camera is up several
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hundred feet so it's like you're in the clouds. >> we are in the clouds. >> the clouds are coming to the ground. we do have visibility reduced to about a mile or half mile in many spots. here is the good news. rain showers we had around yesterday morning holding off and they will be with us later today. you can see there is some shower activity down to the south there down towards richmond. that is about it. here in the immediate washington area, generally, we are quiet right now as things have calmed down here. the showers will be back later this afternoon. temperatures in the 60s generally. ball at 58. 64 in hagerstown. 64 in fredericksburg and 64 in ocean city, patuxent naval air station. that is the winning number this morning. lots of clouds around. might be a peek or two of
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sunshine. showers redeveloping this afternoon. bring along an umbrella here. highs in the mid-70s. that is after some morning fog. >> showers just enough to annoy us just a little bit this morning. let's check in with julie wright. >> a little bit of fog out there right now. no incidents to report traveling south along 270. my trip headed south to rockville, uneventful headed out towards the lane divide. no signs of any roadwork at georgetown road. you will find a portion of new york avenue at speed. no problems to report as you travel from northeast to northwest. overnight construction was still in play at 66 out at nutley street. line up early to the left to get by. derek leon davis is the winner of yesterday's special democratic primary in prince george's county. davis is vying to fill the
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council seat left vacant by leslie johnson. she resigned after pleading guilty to destroying evidence in a corruption case. he beat 13 other democrats. a secret service agent took down a man who jumped the white house fence yesterday evening and ran for the residence. the man was also carrying a backpack a cording to a spokesman, there was nothing dangerous inside that bag. officers evacuated everyone from pennsylvania avenue and lafayette square right across from the white house just as a precaution. more than a year after this brutal beatdown at the university ever maryland, two prince george's county officers now face criminal charges. the officers are accused of beating a student in the mid all of a post-game riot. fox 5's stacy cohan is live in college park with new developments this morning. >> reporter: good morning. you know the large crowds after
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maryland games, a lot of destructive behavior. that is something the police have been trying to get a grip on for years. however, in this case, it is the police officers themselves that are charged with wrongdoing. let me take you back to when it happened. it was march 3rd, 2010. the maryland basketball team had just won against the rival duke. the students had poured into the street and there was video shot by one of the students t shows three officers beating john mccane awho is a university of maryland student t did not appear to the tape that he did anything to provoke the police aggression. >> they said that he kicked the ors. i mean if you're going to make up a lie as a police officer, that is really a whopper. i would think that they ought to go to jail. >> reporter: after more than one year of an investigation, two officers have been charged in this case or have been indicted. it is reginald baker and james
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harrison. they are indicted on assault charges and misconduct. the prince george's county state's attorney said she did not take this lightly, charging officers with a crime but believes it is the right thing to do. there is still a third officer that has not been charged and the investigation continues. bowie state university is hosting a memorial tonight to honor a student stabbed to death in her campus apartment. officials say the service is meant to allow the university community to celebrate no, ma'am deep creek frazier's impact on the campus life. prosecutors say she was stabbed to death last week by her roommate, alexis simpson after the women argued about music playing from an ipod. the latest on the tragic detect of a 2-year-old that shot himself in the head. investigators now confirm that did he have op prince shot himself accidentally. his mother was in the apartment when it happened but she was in a different room. not clear what kind of gun it was and it may be a couple of days before prosecutors decide
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whether at the file any chargesen a neighbor told john henrehan the mother did not seem to neglect the child. >> she loved that little boy as did the family. you would never see theling boy out by himself, you know what i'm saying? you saw him, you saw her or whomever was watching, a family member right there with him. >> it is illegal in maryland to store a loaded gun where a child can gain access to it. police have not yet said how the child got ahold of that gun. the d.c. economy could get a boost from a new millionaire's tax. on the first day back from summer vacation, the council voted to raise taxes on the richest residents in the district. the council voted 7-6 to
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approve the tax hike. >> the top bracket, that is the bracket that millionaires pay according to starts at $40,000. so a millionaire pays the same rate as somebody who is only earning $40,000 a year. >> raising the income tax, that puts us at one of the highest tax rates in the doesn'tery and we don't need the money. >> and there was also some controversial legislation. vincent orange was expected to introduce that to call for term limits for city officials and all a big pay increase for the council. but councilmember orange withdrew his proposal for the $45,000 a year pay raise. he is still pushing for make the council job a full-time position, not part-time. we're following developing news. while you were sleeping, another deadly earthquake overseas with scores of people still missing this morning. we'll get the latest coming up
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next. supporters of a condemned inmate clinging to hope amid last-ditchest to stop his execution.  [ beep ]
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it is a steep learning curb, the world of internet and electronic etiquette. 55% of teens and young adults surveyed say they have witnessed teens being mean to others. 51% said they have seen discriminatory words. if you ask young people about that they often write it off as a joke. >> people trying to be funny or cool or try to do something to be cool. . >> >>: the question is where is the line between being cool and cyber bullying. 56% of the young people polled say they have been victims of electronic bullying. amy points out that not having to say it to their face aspect of the internet encourages the bad behavior. >> i feel because it is over the internet they feel like they are not going to get
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caught. >> bullying is not just about one or two instances. it is about a bully repeatedly going to another child and harassing them with the purpose of establishing them. . >> >>: at benjamin franklin middlal kids learn about what is right and wrong to say over text and internet. finds himself trying to keep discipline air incidents updated. >> there are consequences to how you behave online. >> at issue students across the country and across the world wide web grapple with every day. according to the study people who are overweight are slammed the most online. 47% of the young people surveyed said such comments are
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usually intended to hurt. the redskins get set. we are going to hear from coach mike shanahan. the caps take the ice in baltimore but forget to bring their offense. sports is coming up next. 3q women everywhere are joining the revolution against
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prove it. enough's enough. d-con baits are specially formulated to kill in one feeding, guaranteed. d-con. get out. the washington capitals open up their nhl season october 8 at home against the carolina hurricanes. the preseason kickoff was last night in baltimore. the first hockey game in charm city since the nhl left 14 years ago. 2nd period no score. the 20 year old is trying to nail down a roster spot. later in the 2nd period the predators with a nice ticktacktoe passing to chris
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maller who puts it in the net. final seconds the caps win the faceoff and alex ovechkin lets it rip. no goal here. the caps are shut out 22-0 in the season opener. the redskins are off to their best start in years. now the dallas cowboys stand in the way of a 3-0 start. last year the two teams met in week one on sunday night at fed ex field. hall came up with the play of the game stripping the ball and returning it for a touchdown t. redskins deflated the cowboys 13-7. the rematch in dallas. the cowboys exacted revenge with a field goal in the final minutes. monday the two teams meet again with the redskins attempting to improve to 3-0. coach shanahan
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is trying to keep things into perspective. >> nothing really has surprised me. guys are working hard. one thing we keep emphasizing is just don't get caught up with everything. i think our football players have been doing that. the way we pract pacific go about our business, even on game day, keep your poise. good things will happen. just keep on working. >> and a reminder you can see the redskins on my 20 monday night against the cowboys. following the game live for a post game show. to baseball now. a great day yesterday for the washington nats. they swept the phillys in a double header. nats win 3-0. earlier in the day the nats had the philly #-z 4-3 in 10


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